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Builders Merchants normally make huge orders for building products and construction materials annually. The question is, are you the one at the other end receiving the money? Do you have Builders Merchants whom you can supply your building products and construction materials to?

If that is currently not the case, things are about to change as soon as you learn the secret behind securing your position in the Builders Merchants market. It’s really simple; you improve your marketing strategies but how do you do so?

The first thing you should do is to invest in an email mailing list of builders merchants. With this list, you will have thousands of email addresses of all the builders merchants who are out there looking for the same building products or construction materials that you are supplying. Therefore once you have the list, all you need to do is put out word about your services and products to these potential customers and sit back and see how your sales start rising.


Why are Mailing Lists so Effective?

This is quite a common question among many people. ‘How can a mailing list of builders merchants transform my business?’

A mailing list can get you new leads and most speedily increase your client base as it enables you to combine 3 of the most powerful marketing techniques: email, mailing and telemarketing. An email mail mailing list of builders merchants not only provides you with accurate email addresses of builders merchants but also gives you their:

i.            Telephone numbers

ii.            Fax numbers

iii.            Website addresses, And

iv.            Full Physical addresses

This means a mailing list enables you to contact your potential customers (builders merchants) through email, fax and phone. As a result, by purchasing and using a mailing list, you can expect to experience the highest response rate you have probably ever experienced before from your prospects.

As if that is not enough, most mailing lists such as will provide you with real and accurate contact names so that you know precisely whom to contact. The names provided are usually of the major decision makers who will have a great influence in determining whether or not to do business with you. Consequently with such a personalized marketing approach, it becomes easier for you to strike an impression on prospective clients you are targeting.

And this is why mailing lists are extremely effective!


Can’t I Make My Own List?

Making your own mailing list of builders merchants is possible but taxing. It often takes a lot of time, determination and effort to compile accurate updated email mail mailing lists. So instead of wasting all the time, it is more convenient to spend a few bucks and acquire an already compiled and updated mailing list for your marketing campaign.

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Builders Merchants – Making the Right Choice

While choosing insurance coverage, many people go by the suggestions of building agents, assuming it to be the best choice. Others assume that premium price is the only criterion, though it is only one of the many considerations. Selecting an apt policy could be daunting, given the huge number of Builders Merchants, but a little effort will go a long way in making the right choice.

Many builders provide insurance coverage for cars, homes, health, and several other policies. Some even bundle the policies to provide a package for a better price. However, companies that specialize in a particular type of policy provide more options, making it easier to find the specific coverage required by the consumer.

It is best to compare the offers of a few building firms, with regard to kinds of policies, costs, customer service, and discounts for multiple policy purchasers. To get online quotes, consumers just have to visit the websites of insurance providers and click the “Get a Quote” button. In this case, consumers must enter the same information for each request, as comparison is the objective. While comparing, consumers need to check the policy term and premium payment intervals before picking the cheapest one. Online purchases usually come with discounts ranging from about 10 to 20 percent depending on the policy type.

While focusing on the cheapest alternative, one should not forget other aspects.  The merchants reputation depends on the standard of services and financial stability. Customer service is an important criterion, meaning that the company should be readily available for communication and support. It is advisable to check their national and local presence, plus their Internet presence. Calling up their toll free numbers can help determine the quality of customer support. Knowledgeable representatives will be capable of answering any relevant question and ensure efficient response to claims.

For those purchasing a home on mortgage, the mortgage company could suggest Builders Merchants they deal with. However, it is wise to take time to select a company that meets ones expectations, offering the best insurance coverage at reasonable rates.

UK List Builders Merchants and Building material Suppliers

Email Mailing List of Builders Merchants and Building Suppliers:  Getting Your Money’s Worth


Whether you are a prospective homeowner or a self builder, chances are you will have to find good email list of builders merchants and building supplies companies to provide you with your construction supplies needs.  And when we say good, we do not only mean those who can provide you with all your needs:  of course, this has to come with good prices as well.


Builders merchants and building supplies companies have gone a long way from just initially providing just your basic sand and brick requirements.  Now these companies offer almost all of your construction material needs, from the sand, cement, steel bars, all the way up to your roofing needs. 


With the proliferation of these merchants and businesses offering building supplies companies, it could be quite a daunting task for a self builder to find the builders merchants who can offer the best prices that can service their materials requirements.  Here are some tips renovators and self builders may find useful specially when scouting for the cheapest suppliers:


  1. Find at least two to three regular suppliers you can alternately use to service your construction needs.  Having an alternative supplier  assures you of a more or less steady supply of materials (just in case your other supplier runs out of stock) so that construction is not hampered because of inadequate supply of materials.
  2. Regular suppliers can provide you with the much needed discounts which could count much when requests for work come in more regularly.
  3. Calculate your needs.  Builders who do not pencil-push to determine actual material needs are usually the ones who suffer big wastages in terms of over stock of unwanted materials.  Builders merchants and building supplies companies, on  the other hand, would be more than just willing to offer discounts when a sizeable bulk of the materials are bought from them. 
  4. Canvass, canvass, canvass.  Aside from making sure that you get your steady supply of materials, it would be most prudent for you to do a research on the prices of the different merchants and building material suppliers in your area.  It would also be good to talk directly with builder merchant representatives who are authorized to give you the store discounts.


Keep in mind that even if by email mailing builders merchants and building supplies provide you with most of your construction needs, there are also direct suppliers of specific items who could give you bigger discounts most especially if you are planning to buy from them in bulk. 

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